30 Day Lit Challenge: Best Film Adaptations

  1. Your 10 favorite books of all time.
  2. Your 5 least favorite books of all time.
  3. Your favorite characters (and which books they’re from).
  4. Characters you hate.
  5. If you were stranded on a desert island, what five books would you take with you? Include one reason for each.
  6. The best book you’ve read in the last year.
  7. The worst book you’ve read in the last year.
  8. Your favorite quotes from books.
  9. Your favorite quotes about books.
  10. Name five absolutely great film adaptations of books.
  11. Name three absolutely awful film adaptations of books.
  12. Your favorite author(s).
  13. Your favorite book from childhood.
  14. A book you regret not having read sooner.
  15. A book you haven’t read, but is on your “will read” list.
  16. A book you haven’t read and have no intention of ever reading. (If you want, tell us why you don’t want to read it.)
  17. A book you want to like, but can’t get into for whatever reason. Why can’t you get into it?
  18. A book you think is highly overrated.
  19. A book you think is woefully underrated.
  20. The environment you most enjoy reading in.
  21. The most disturbing book you’ve ever read.
  22. A book you once loved, but don’t anymore. What changed?
  23. A book you once hated, but now like. What changed?
  24. Your favorite series.
  25. The nerdiest book you’ve ever read.
  26. Your favorite type of non-fiction book.
  27. Your favorite genre.
  28. The first book you can remember reading on your own.
  29. An author you wish was more well-known.
  30. The book you’re reading right now.

  1. Last of the Mohicans (1992) (FAR BETTER than the original novel!)
  2. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
  3. Pride and Prejudice (1995) (Basically a scene-by-scene recreation of the novel. Once you’ve seen this miniseries, how can you be satisfied with a mere 2 hour movie?)
  4. The Princess Bride (1987)
  5. Much Ado About Nothing (1993) (Minus Keanu Reeves.)

Am I mistaken? I welcome correction in the comments. ;)


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