Readers of Queer Fiction

If you’ve been looking for an author was born to write romance, may I recommend Cecilia Ryan? She’s a writing buddy of mine, and when we’re brainstorming plots together, well: I can’t help but marvel at how much better her ideas for romantic stories are! If you like m/m romance, she is a writer to watch. Check out her latest, Winding Road, and you can see for yourself!

(Click the cover to visit her on GoodReads)

Winding Road is a romance and coming of age story for Ash, a young musician with a band that’s just starting to make a name for itself and a huge crush on a fellow musician, the mysterious Indigo. As his music career takes off, so does his love life, sending him on an emotional rollercoaster ride that’s all part of growing up. With a little help from his friends, Ash navigates the brave new world of semi-stardom and, just maybe, finds a little happiness with the man of his dreams.


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