So, I am writing a new story/novella/novelette for an anthology call for zombie fairy tales, which as you can all imagine, is right up my alley.

It’s also perfect, because it seemingly fits in nicely with an idea I’ve wanted to write for awhile now. It all started with FrankenRory, a Doctor Who fic I wrote in which Rory, instead of coming back as a Roman, is taken by the Doctor and Amy to an old London house and revived Frankenstein-style by a mad scientist. Cue Amy freaking out at being engaged to a re-animated corpse.

That fic was heavy on the humor (and the gross-out factor), but I’ve always wanted to turn it into a proper story: a woman’s lover being brought back to life by Dr. Frankenstein, and her having to come to terms with living with, essentially, a walking corpse.

Here are my DILEMMAS, for which I would welcome feedback and advice:

  • Do you think Frankenstein qualifies as a fairy tale for the purposes of this call? They name-check Alice in Wonderland, which is not a classic fairy tale, and their only other guideline beyond “retelling of a classical fairy tale involving zombies, whether traditional Grimm’s or classical stories from other cultures and collections” is that it must not be based on a story which is still under copyright, which Frankenstein is not.
  • Can a re-animated corpse count as a zombie? I mean: do they have to eat brains?
  • They want: “sweet and / or funny romances with a dark twist and elements of horror”. Will I be able to do it? I’d always envisioned this story falling more on the side of horror than romance. Since this is a romance publisher, I’ll have to conceive of an HEA ending, and I…well, I’m stumped for one at the moment. My favorite ending for this story, up until now, was this: the boyfriend, tired of his girlfriend’s revulsion for him and apparent rejection, has some sort of altercation with her on a cliff or a bridge or something which ends in the girlfriend falling to her death. She then wakes up on Dr. Frankenstein’s slab, now reanimated herself. The story ends with her wondering whether or not her boyfriend has murdered her and made her into a walking corpse like himself in order to hold onto her.

I’m pretty sure I could change directions and make this light-hearted and funny, but I don’t know how much I’ll struggle with it. I do figure that, if this press doesn’t end up buying the story, I can re-vamp it into a proper horror tale.

All right, enough rambling from me. What do you think?


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