Giving it a go

Making the decision to give writing as a profession a try is exceptionally scary. Ok, so no: I didn’t quit my job. (In fact, I got a second job: one that will give me the option of signing up for benefits eventually!) No, I’m not gambling my life savings on this venture. (Savings? What savings?) Nonetheless: finally admitting to myself and the world that I want to be a writer was achingly difficult.

I’ve tried out telling people “I’m a writer” a couple of times. (I finally feel justified doing this, now that I have a couple of professional sales under my belt.) It…was weird. And didn’t actually go that well. (Ok, so telling the kids I tutor that I write fiction when it’s the sort of fiction their parents are actively protecting them from was not a good idea…) The few adults that I’ve told were either entirely uninterested or completely disbelieving. I’m not expecting people to be impressed, but something more than open hostility and disdain would be nice…

I suppose everyone dreams of being a writer. There’s some ridiculous statistic floating around out there that something like 70% of people feel like they have a novel in them. I wonder what percent of people actually try. Can you numerically quantify the foolhardiness of a dream?


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