There’s not much to be said about her.

I’ve just signed my first official contract to have my first ever story published: it’s pretty damn exciting, I’ll tell you what.

It’s also incredibly strange. They asked for an author’s bio (to be written in the 3rd person) and story notes (written in 1st). What could I possibly say about myself that doesn’t sound boring, pathetic, or isn’t just flat-out false?

She lives with her parents and a cat in Michigan…

She’s recently taken on a second job as a grocery store cashier…

If she could be a tree, she wouldn’t be a tree, because whimsy is for people with hope…*

In the end, I went for something both simple and true:

Ms. Gaertner is an aspiring writer just dipping her toe into the world of published fiction. Look for more of her work coming soon from Post Mortem Press’ upcoming zombie anthology, New Dawn Fades.

Certainly less-than-thrilling, but 100% true, and it gets a plug in for my other big writing sale of the year. That should do it, right?

(* Ok, this last one wasn’t true: I am a very whimsical person, and just filled to the brim with hopes and dreams! This one was just plain funnier than anything else I came up with.)


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